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"True freedom begins within"



ITA Energy Medicine Treatments

Maureen offers her services as a Certified  ITA Energy Medicine practitioner in Centerport, New York.


She also offers remote sessions for those who are unable to meet in person. You can read more about ITA Energy Medicine here. Maureen is thrilled to introduce ITA Energy Medicine to the United States as one of the founding practitioners and facilitators in the country.

Maureen offers the following services in ITA Energy Medicine:

•    Introductory offer for first time clients - ITA Alignment (1hr) - $88
•    ITA Alignment (1hr) - $120
•    Remote ITA Alignment (1hr) - $120
•    ITA Alignment (child/young adults) - $88 
•    ITA Alignment package (5 sessions) - $500 (save $100) 
•    ITA Alignment package (10 sessions) - $1000 (save $200)


ITA Movement

ITA Movement is a self healing technique that is adapted from the ITA (Integrated Therapeutic Alignment) techniques performed on clients during an ITA session. Through ITA Movement you will learn to direct chi in a sequenced pattern utilizing the breath and gentle coordinated movements. This powerful self healing technique allows you to bring alignment and balance to your physical and energetic systems and brings you into harmony with the world around you.

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Centerport, NY. USA

Hi and thank you for visiting my website. I’m Maureen; grateful ITA energy medicine practitioner and ITA movement facilitator. I love expressing my energy through singing, dancing, riding horses and moving my body in resonance with the earth (read more on ITA movement). 


I feel quite passionate about assisting others to clarity and freedom within- to consciously make choices that will positively impact the course of their lives and success. We are the ultimate drivers of our own vehicles in a lifetime. keeping our vehicles well tuned through ITA alignments- assists us reaching our destination/goals. 


My heartfelt intention as an energy medicine practitioner is to assist others in discovering who they truly are and how capable they can find themselves to be, through the unique healing modality of ITA energy medicine. ITA is a highly effective, systematic approach to bring balance and alignment to one’s own energy systems. Through identifying the root cause of any physical, emotional or psychological symptom, ITA alignments support the body in releasing any stored blocks and conditioning patterns preventing wellness on every level of one’s life.


I met Melaney Ryan, founder of ITA, back in 2012. attending her first lecture in the United States on “Illumination of the mind”, 


I was convinced I’d found the answer to my question of “Why am I here?” I had been seeking all my life. Through receiving ITA alignments myself and continuing on to extensive study as a certified ITA practitioner, my life experience began to shift more than ever before. Once I began to see, feel and know a new way of perceiving myself, the world and others in it, my reality was transformed. I experienced marked, positive changes on every level of my life. Shifting my old beliefs were not always easy, but I was now equipped with the necessary tools to navigate them. 


I came to realize that dimming one’s own light doesn’t serve oneself, or humanity. We create a kinder global reality by shining in the brilliance of our true selves. Then our light ignites another, and so on, until we lift one another in pure love, community and support. My goal is to work in concert with my clients to unveil the amazing possibilities that lie ahead for them…fully being who they truly are.

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Phone: #631-948-1376

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