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Integrated Thereupetic Alignment

Integrated Therapeutic Alignment


Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) is a comprehensive system of energy medicine developed by Melaney Ryan of the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness. 

ITA works with aligning the energy systems of the body to achieve long lasting positive change, growth and self development.  ITA assists the client to know themselves at a deeper level and to become the best version of themselves. 

By identifying the root cause of an imbalance and locating and balancing the areas where it is stored, ITA is able to achieve long lasting results.

ITA is highly effective in transforming all aspects of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and works as a complement to all existing methods of health care.


Some of the conditions successfully treated through ITA include:

•    Allergies and asthma                          
•    ADHD
•    Anxiety and depression
•    Gastrointestinal disorders
•    Low energy
•    Low immunity
•    And more


Emotional and spiritual benefits achieved through ITA include:

•    Awakening creativity
•    Releasing grief, trauma and fear
•    Awakening the connection to your higher self


An ITA Energy Medicine session begins with a discussion of the client's current state of being. During the treatment, the client lays in a comfortable face up position, fully clothed, and is asked to simply relax.  

The ITA practitioner uses chi to run sequenced patterns of energy, including using acupressure points on the physical body and using etheric movements beyond the physical body. This sends triggered messages to the subconscious mind

(long term memory), resulting in the balance and alignment of the energy systems and allowing the subconscious to let go of outdated belief patterns. 
After the alignment, the client will experience a deep sense of relaxation and a feeling of being centered.


ITA aims to assist the client to: 

•    Gain clarity in life
•    Regain control of their health and well being
•    Move beyond chronic or reoccurring health issues
•    Observe life from the perspective of the positive rather than the negative
•    See and move through life's challenges as an opportunity for growth rather than a burden.

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